Our shoulder line is one of the best and includes incredible products that not only transform procedures, but consistently enhance durability and safety for both the surgeon, their team and the patient. Products like Push Lock Anchors, SpeedFix Single Row Technique and the Knotless SutureTak are giving surgeons more opportunity to provide better outcomes and faster recovery. Select the button below to learn more about Arthrex’s shoulder line.


Arthrex’s product line covers everything you could need in a knee or hip procedure. Including our ACL RetroConstruction System, Capsular Repair and the Internal Brace Ligament Augmentation device. All knee and hip devices produced by Arthrex are focused on giving the surgeon options in the operating room. To learn more about our Knee and Hip line, click the button below. 

DISTAL extremities

Arthrex’s Distal Extremities are by far the most advanced line Arthrex is developing. With a focus on making more DEX procedures productive, Arthrex innovation is setting the way for better outcomes. With every bolt, screw and suture, we believe DEX-focused innovation will change how we look at major procedures. For more information about MidSouth’s focus on DEX, contact DEX manager, Morgan Bailey. Select the button below to learn more about our Distal Extremities products. 


Arthroplasty at Arthrex is what makes the company so incredible. Not only does Arthroplasty develop innovative products and make updates to procedures, but they are able to make an outcome become better than normal procedures. With a product like the Shoulder Eclipse, you can see a total shoulder not only heal faster, but increase ROM for your patient. To learn more about Arthroplasty, select the button below.


Biologics at Arthrex is more than your average bone graft. With a team of people who are focused on changing the way we think about bone grafts, syncs and much more, Arthrex is paving the way for innovation in Biologics. To learn more about the innovative motives Arthrex has with Biologics, contact Josh Davis or select the button below. 


Capital Equipment is what makes procedures more fruitful. With systems like the Dual Wave Arthroscopy pump or the NanoScope, Arthrex is focused on developing products that will be most beneficial for the surgeon and the patient. Our capital equipment is some of the most powerful technology in the industry. For more information about Imaging and Resection at Arthrex, contact Josh Sullivan or click the button below.