What is a Future Healthcare Providers Lab?

Thank you for your interest in the Future Healthcare Providers program with MidSouth Orthopedics.  MSO is a surgical sales company whose goal is “to help our surgeons treat their patients better”.  We are invested in our communities and want to give back.  One way we do this is through providing FREE cadaver lab opportunities to students (both High School and College) all over Arkansas and beyond.  This is one way to inspire and fuel a passion for healthcare professions!

A Future Healthcare Providers (FHP) lab consists of two parts:  Large Group Observation and Small Group Dissection.  We begin with a large group session in an auditorium setting in which a local surgeon will perform a surgical procedure on a cadaver specimen.  The audience will be able to view it on a projection screen and ask questions.  The large group is then dismissed, leaving a smaller group of students whom the School identifies, (fewer than 50 typically) to experience the cadaver dissection and “be a surgeon” stations. Please read the example timeline below for more information about our FHP labs.

Sample Timeline and what to expect at a FHP Lab at your school!

10:30am – MSO arrives and begins unloading and set up   *see list below for items we need from the school

11:30am – MSO will take a short break for lunch

12:00pm – MSO and Surgeon will begin prep of the cadaver for the procedure

12:30pm – Large Group Prodedure lab – School will welcome students and introduce Brian Wallace, Owner/President of MSO

Brian will speak briefly and then introduce the guest Surgeon, utilizing Power Point slides

Surgeon will go over general anatomy with the students using Power Point slides

Surgeon will begin arthroscopic surgical procedure, broadcast on projection screen

1:15pm – Surgeon will have a Q&A session with students, school staff utilizing microphones for students

1:30pm – Small Group Dissection Lab will begin on stage

2:30pm – FHP Lab concludes, MSO begins clean-up   **see list below for what we need from the school


*We need the following ready by MSO arrival time:  3-5 guys to help unload MSO equipment, AV person ready to help with set-up, 5 gallon bucket of water, 5 folding tables, gloves for all students participating in dissection lab, 4 trash cans on stage with extra liners

**At the conclusion of the lab MSO will do most of the clean-up but we ask that the school dispose of the trash bags and grab the school’s leftover items:  gloves, tables, AV equipment, 5 gallon bucket



  • Each school is eligible only once per school year, on repeat requests priority will be given to schools who have never hosted an FHP lab .
  • MSO will only schedule one FHP lab per month, get your requests in early!
  • Dates requested are subject to MSO and Surgeon availability.

Terms and Conditions

  • MSO will agree to provide the cadaver specimens, surgical equipment and implants for FHP lab.
  • MSO will agree to recruit the Surgeon for the FHP lab, and will work hard to replace any Surgeon that needs to cancel.
  • MSO agrees to communicate with School and Surgeon about the date, time, and details of the FHP lab.
  • School will agree to understand that under rare circumstances, MSO might need to reschedule a FHP lab.
  • School will agree to show procedure animations to students in advance of the FHP lab. Animations will be provided by MSO.
  • School agrees to provide: 3-5 guys to help unload MSO equipment, AV person ready to help with set-up, 5 gallon bucket of water, 5 folding tables, gloves for all students participating in dissection lab, and 4 trash cans on stage with extra liners.
  • School will work with MSO to arrange for all necessary Audio/Visual needs for the lab (1 lapel mic, 2-3 handheld mics, wifi access, projection screen, more as needed)
  • School will invite media to attend as a ‘Thank You’ to the surgeon for his/her time and effort.


If you have read the policies, terms, and conditions and would like to request a lab for your school please fill out the form below.

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